Monday, April 24, 2006

Latest News

At the moment I am finishing up a sixteen foot kayak for this woman in the mid west. I am making it as a surprise for her husband and it will be given to him on father’s day this summer. It will be the 6th kayak I have made within the last six months and I feel like my skill level is reaching a place where I feel deeply pleased with my work.

Just last week I finished making a King Island single blade paddle for a man in Hawaii. He was very pleased with my craftsmanship and he paid me well for the paddle as well. Also I started a double blade for my father; there is no lamination in this one; it is made from straight clear grain yellow cedar. The paddle is near completion and it looks very nice. If anyone out there is interested in seeing any of the work I have done recently I would be glad to email pictures to anyone who desires to see the work.

This week I have also spent some time writing a letter to my tribe trying to see if there is funding for a skin-on-frame workshop for the up coming future. This is something I have been trying to get off the ground for the last six months. I feel like this will be something that takes a long time.
The people at the 13th regional corporation would be proud to know that I have made it this far in the process of being an Eskimo kayak builder. Their intention when they gave a grant to me was to resurrect some of the culture that has been lost, to gain cultural identity within me and also other people that I share with.

Thanks and there will be more soon ~ Sean
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