Friday, November 16, 2007

King Island Replica


I Finished a replica kayak that I did a survey on from Harvey Goldens private collection. Harvey invited me to his home and showed me the ropes in conducting a survey. It was hard at first but I got it down pretty quickly. I did the survey and afterwards made a life size drawing of the kayak to get every little detail down.
The great thing about this kayak is the fact that it was constructed in roughly 1935 and my family was living there at the time of the construction and I would like to think that they were involved. The original kayak was made with split walrus and bearded seal skins and the ribs in the internal structure were bent in the old way of sucking and biting and slowly bending every rib.
This kayak took more time than the conventional kayak that I usually make, mostly because I split a lot of the lumber by hand to try and get the true building experience. I will not do this a lot because it does take a lot of time to do things this way and I live in present time when I have access to tools that will make the job a lot easier.


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